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January 9, 2023


IBC Tote Pick Up

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Free Recycling

Does your company have a stack of Used IBC Totes Stacking Up?

We provides free pick ups and removal of IBC Totes nationwide. We also pay for totes in good condition. To schedule a pick up please follow the following steps

  1. Gather some pictures of the IBC Tote Stack
  2. Gather The SDS or MSDS sheets for the material that was in the IBCs
  3. Contact a member of our team to go over the details
  4. Schedule a pick up time
  5. Get paid. We offer competitive rebates for Used IBC Totes
  6. Free IBC Tote Pick Up

Service Providers for Recycling & Removal

  • IBC Totes can be removed for free

  • You won’t be charged for freight

  • We offer drop trailers

  • Providing on-time pickups


IBC Tote Returns

How many IBC Totes can it on a truck?

  • We can fit up to 60 used ibc totes on a truck. We send in a 53 foot dry van and will pick up 30-60 IBCs per pick up.
  • All we require is that you have a dock and forklift on site. IF the material is hazmat you may also need to provide the drivers of the truck with placards..

Is it necessary to empty the IBC Tanks

  • They must be RCRA empty. Which is typically less than 1 inch of liquid per container . We will NOT pick up full totes

Do you pay for IBC totes

Container quality and location are considered. We also take into account the amount of ibc totes per pick up. Generally speaking we do pay for IBC totes. Although if they are in poor condition we will not be able to pay for them

Used IBC Tote Disposal Services

With a nationwide presence of tote reconditioning, we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction with IBC Tote Pick Up’s reconditioning and recycling services.

In accordance with the Department of Transportation’s regulations, we aim to provide environmentally responsible, free transportation services to all of our customers.

We’ll buy your Schutz, Mauser, or Grieft IBC totes at a mutually agreed-upon price if you have truckload quantities (60+).

used ibc tote

used ibc tote

What is the best way to recycle my totes?

Request a tote pickup

We’ve made it as easy as possible to fill out a recycling request. The only information we need is your contact information, how many totes you wish to be picked up, and how often you generate used totes.

Whenever you submit a pickup request, one of our representatives will contact you to rearrange the devour. You can submit a pickup request 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Photographs and Safety Data Sheets should be gathered and submitted as well

As soon as your tote pickup request has been processed, we need some pictures of the totes, as well as the Safety Data Sheets. All you need is a picture of the totes stack, a picture of the cages, and a picture of the valves

It is important to include the SDS forms along with the pictures because it is required by the Department of Transportation that we know the totes’ previous contents before we can move them.

Bill of Lading for Container Removal

A bill of lading (BOL) will be issued to you by IBC Tote Pick Up once the pictures and SDS forms have been submitted. The BOL contains all of the details and shipping details, including the pickup date. Please contact IBC Tote Recycling if there is anything wrong with the BOL.

Fast Payment

We will pay for your totes once they have passed our quality inspection.

It is almost always the case that IBC Tote Pick Up establishes payment terms with our customers prior to the first load has been picked up. You will receive cash in the time frame of your choice.

Programs for collecting used IBC totes

We never charge our customers to pick up their totes, unlike most IBC tote collection programs that charge either a fee per tote or part of the freight bill.

If your unwanted totes pass our quality inspection test, we will actually pay you for them. Basically, IBC Tote Recycling will allow you to continue operations for free by helping you discard unwanted goods, clearing up warehouse space, and bringing your business to the next level.

We will be happy to send one of our trucks to pick up all of your totes wherever you are located in continental United States. All you have to do is load the truck, and we will send you a check.

We accept all different types of IBC totes and do not discriminate based on location. Our goal is to make the process as quick and easy as possible for all of our customers to ensure a long-lasting and prosperous relationship for all parties involved.

Returns for Schutz IBC Tote

As one of the largest manufacturers of IBC totes in the United States, Schuntz Packaging Systems was founded in 1991. These totes are specialized for carrying and storing specific types of materials, although they can be used for a wide array of tasks.

We will happily remove any Schutz container off your property

ibc tote recycling

ibc tote recycling

Mauser IBC Tote Returns

In the 1980s, Mauser began producing 330 gallon IBC totes, and has not looked back since. The company was founded by Doctor Alfons Mauser in Southern Germany in the late 1800s.

Mauser also offers a variety of IBC totes with various capabilities and uses, just like Schutz. It is the size of the totes that sets Mauser apart from Schutz. While Schutz mainly produces 275 gallon IBC totes, Mauser mainly produces 330 gallon totes.

One of Mauser’s most popular features is their ability to produce custom totes. The size of the tote is rarely reflected in its price per unit, and is considered more of a customer preference.


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