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January 16, 2023


IBC Tote Pick Up

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Starting Selling your Used IBC Totes Today

IBC Tote Pick Up buys large quantities of used IBC Totes across in the United States. You will receive top dollar for used, damaged, or dirty IBC totes when you sell them to us.

What are the benefits of selling Used IBC Totes to us?

  • If you have an ongoing supply of IBC totes, we can take 100% of them regardless fo condition

  • It’s easy to work with IBC tote pick up

  • Payments made on time and in a timely manner. This can be done in Cash, Check, or on NET 30 Credit Terms

  • We cover all freight costs and send our own trucks

  • All sizes and condition of IBC totes are accepted

  • We never charge for the removal bad totes

  • Rebates for totes in good conation

A few types of IBC totes we buy:

  • 330 Gallon

  • 227 Gallon

  • Food Grade IBCs

  • Alcohol IBCs

  • Hazmat IBCs

  • Rinsed totes

Unfortunately, there are some types of IBCs we are not able to pay for even though we try to be fair. Containers that are extremely damaged or old are typically included in this category. For more information, please contact a member of our team

You may be interested in talking with us if you receive raw materials in IBCs, tanks, or bins. We are always on the lookout for new suppliers of used IBC Totes to expand our supplier network.

We need the following information before we can assist you:

  1. Take a picture of the IBC Tote stack

  2. Have the SDS (Saftey Data Sheet) or MSDS sheet on hand to tell us what was previously in the IBC tote

  3. Calculate how many units you can produce each month. Whether you say 10 or 10,000, it doesn’t matter. No matter what quantity you need, we can handle it.

Because we have locations across the country, we can even drop off a trailer at your facility so that you can load at your convenience.

Contact us today to schedule a pick up 


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