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Free Recycling and IBC Tote Removal in Texas 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I Recycle IBC Totes in Texas
San Antonio
Fort Worth
El Paso
Corpus Christi
Grand Prairie
How do I recycle my Used IBC totes?


Contact a memeber out our team and we will reach out to schedule a local pick up

    What happens to IBC totes after they are recycled?

    When IBC totes are recycled, they are typically processed at a recycling facility where they are cleaned and the materials are separated. The plastic from the IBC totes can be melted down and turned into new products such as plastic lumber, park benches, and playground equipment. The metal components, such as the cage and valves, can also be recycled and used in the production of new products.

    Are there any fees associated with IBC Tote Removal?

    We do not charge any fees for recycling IBC totes 

    The cost of recycling IBC totes will depend on a variety of factors, including the location, condition, and quantity of the totes. Some recycling facilities may charge a fee for processing and recycling the totes, while others may offer their services for free or even pay for the totes. It is best to contact recycling facilities in your area to get a better understanding of the costs involved with recycling IBC totes.

    Where to get rid of Schutz and Mauser IBC Totes?

    We offer a free pick up and recycling service for Schutz Totes. This is for both 275 and 330 gallon containers .

    IBC Tote Pick Up offers a recycling service for any type of IBC Totes.

    Are there any incentives available for recycling IBC totes?


    Incentives for recycling IBC totes may be available depending on your location and the specific recycling programs in your area. Some examples of incentives for recycling include tax credits, grants, and rebates. It is worth checking with your local solid waste management agency or contacting recycling facilities in your area to see if any incentives are available for recycling IBC totes.